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Law Firm Interview and Networking Expo*

*Registration for this portion of the conference is NOT automatic. During the online registration process, outside counsel must indicate if you would like to participate in this portion of the conference. Each corporation is required to conduct an informational interview with at least four (4) law firms.

The conference includes a Law Firm Interviewing and Networking Expo (“Expo”), which is included in the Outside Counsel registration fee. The Expo will allow each law firm that registers for the Expo an opportunity to have a one-on-one informational interview with In-House Counsel, Corporate Representative and Government Attorney attendees during the Expo to discuss the legal services they offer. The Expo provides a unique networking platform and an additional opportunity for In-House Counsel, Corporate Representatives and Government Attorneys to meet with Outside Counsel.

Each law firm must indicate whether they would like a table at the Expo during registration. You will have one (1) table to display your material with two (2) chairs on each side to conduct interviews. The In-House Counsel, Corporate Representatives and Government Attorneys are encouraged to walk throughout the Expo room to meet the participating Outside Counsel. Each firm must limit their display to information and marketing material that can be presented on the table top. A firm banner (vertical or horizontal) is permitted behind the firm’s designated table, but it must be freestanding and cannot exceed six (6) feet in length or height. A firm table cloth is also permitted.

Please note: If a law firm is selected for a formal informational interview, the formal interview will be conducted at specific times during the Expo at the law firm table. Law firms that are selected for a formal informational interview will receive correspondence prior to the conference as well as receive a hard copy of the interview schedule at the Conference Registration desk upon check-in. Further information regarding the Expo process will be posted on-line and sent to Section Members via e-mail.


Resume/Law Firm Biography Submission Process

Please note that failure to expressly follow these instructions may result in exclusion of your law firm biography and attorney questionnaire information from the corporation review process.

Unlike other conferences, the Corporate Counsel Conference offers a unique formal interviewing opportunity. Before the conference, In-House Counsel and Government Attorneys pre-select Outside Counsel to consider for possible future business opportunities. Scheduled informational interviews are conducted in fifteen (15) minute intervals on designated conference dates during the Expo at the firm’s table. While there is no guarantee that Outside Counsel will be granted a scheduled interview or retained for representation, the Expo is intended to provide Outside Counsel with significant interaction and opportunities to meet and network with In-House Counsel, Corporate Representatives and Government Attorneys. Opportunities for potential informal and unscheduled interviews may be available.

To participate in the formal interview process, Outside Counsel must first register for the conference. Within the registration website, Outside Counsel will be asked to answer in depth questions regarding their background and experience. In advance of the conference, In-House Counsel and Government Attorneys will be able to view Outside Counsel’s information for the interview process. Registered In-House Counsel and Government Attorneys will receive a link to access the information provided by Outside Counsel and will request an interview via the email address provided during registration.

Law Firm Biography – Create a ONE page biography or resume on a letter-size page on one side only. DO NOT EXCEED ONE (1) PAGE. Your Law Firm Biography must be consistent with the sample provided on our website at www.nbacls.com.



All Law Firm Biographies must be received by January 12, 2018. Any Law Firm Biography received after the deadline will NOT be included.


Corporate Dine-Arounds

The Corporate Dine-Arounds offer a unique opportunity for In-House Counsel and Corporate Representatives to meet Outside Counsel and continue networking in a casual but intimate atmosphere during a dinner at one of several fine restaurants nearby. The cost of the dine-arounds is dutch treat and is not included in the cost of registration. They will take place on Thursday, February 15, 2018 after the Welcome Reception. The online sign-up to participate in the dine-arounds will be available to you at the time of registration. You can choose or change your dine-around preference until January 12, 2018. An In-House or Corporate Representative will lead each dine-around. At the conclusion of the Welcome Reception, transportation will be provided to and from the restaurants for the dine-arounds. You are encouraged to sign-up early to take advantage of this great marketing and networking opportunity. The deadline for sign-ups is January 12, 2018. Bon appétit!


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